Prayer Needs

Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

Galatians 6:2

Pray without ceasing.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Please keep the following needs lifted up before God he Father  in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ:

>Brother Jim- Bro. Bill had to go back into the hospital late Sat.  He is scheduled for surgery (temporary colostomy) Mon. afternoon.

>Sister Bobbie - I would like to ask for prayer for Annette.  She is my niece in Vancouver that has had very severe health problems for years and she is back in the hospital in ICU!!  Just got a message from my sister and she asked that I put her on the prayer chain.

>Brother Bob - My grandson Kyle has been in an accident while driving. His buddy who was with him is OK; Kyle is in intensive care. Don't know his status other than vitals are good. The girl in the other car is also in intensive care. Please pray that I can be a good witness to the Grace and Mercy of God. Pray for Kyle, Sara, Kevin, Kyle's friend and the girl in the other car. Thanks

>Brother Bob- 3/18/11 I will be under going surgery the 30th of March. Pray that the Lord’s will is done, and that we might understand and conform to whatever direction He might lead. Forgive my unfaithfulness, and strengthen us in His Grace. Bob Sajdak

I go in for MRI on my back tomorrow at 12 noon. I pray that all is well and all I need is some therapy to build up the muscles in my back to correct this. That whatever the result a conclusion and direction will be set. I also pray for my sister Chris and Brother Ray in the difficult times they face. May we face them together in the Lord. With all my love in Christ, may our church body grow in mercy and strength of the Lord.

>Brother Bob- Please keep my friends in Alaska in prayer. Kim and Richard White are going through difficult times. She has cancer and is under treatment in Madison Wisconsin. They live in Healy Alaska. Richard was with Kim through Christmas, but had to return to Alaska. This separation is very difficult for both of them. She is undergoing treatment in Alaska because she has family there and the University of Wisconsin has a very good cancer treatment facility. My prayer is not only that she be healed, but at one time Richard confessed Christ. Then he went trough a divorce and has since not been vocal about his faith and his actions are pointing a different direction. I would pray that the Lord would use this time to bring both Richard and Kim to a stronger walk in the Lord, so that he would confirm that we are brothers in Christ. To that end that the Lord might use me in any way. Richard and I go back to Junior High School in Anchorage Alaska. After High School we spend months trapping in the Talkeetna Mountains. I love him as my brother, yet he has surrounded himself with the world which is often offensive to Christ. Lots of drinking, open talk of sex, and things that make it impossible for us to be the friends we once where.

>Brother Bob- Pray for travelers, we have family from Seattle area down here during this time of family gathering. That the travel is safe and the visits are a blessing that we might have the opportunity, and desire to share the Christ of the Gospel. That the topics of our conversation be a blessing and bring glory to God.

>Sister Janelle- I would like continued prayer for my brother, Barry Wulf who is on his way to Iraq.  He is currently in Germany en route to Kuwait for two weeks and then will be ultimately stationed in Mosul, Iraq.  Please pray for his safety, mental well-being and spiritual growth.  Also please pray for his wife, Mary who is alone at home in California.  I am praying that God will surround her with strong Christian mentors to help her make godly choices and to grow spiritually while Barry is gone.

>Brother Jim- Sister Lois is preparing for early-intervention cancer surgery.  Thankfully, the tumor was detected early.

>Brother Bob- I went in for my Biopsy and the doctor took measurements of my prostate and 14 samples at different locations on my prostate. I am feeling ok, and we should have results back by mid-week (around 9-23). My prayer is that the Lord gives the grace to accept whatever is His will and that through us He would be glorified as the great and loving God that He is. Also my prayer is, we know His will, will be done, but that we might be covered by his grace to conform to that glorious will without hesitation, or seeking to second guess what God is doing. We ask our Lord that His will might be clear to all, so that His love toward us is not mistaken for a work of man. That He might use this event to reach and change hearts, and open the eyes of the blind that they might see this glorious love of our Master and King. That he would bring peace and comfort to my loving wife, Deniese.

>Bother Andre and Sister Jasmine-Please pray for Yolanda's salvation and that the Lord would draw her to repentance and open her heart and mind to the knowledge of God and the truth of Jesus Christ.

>Brother Bob & Sister Deniese-
We'll be out of town this Sunday, so would like to ask here for two needs:
First, we would like prayer for Bob's Aunt Betty, who was married to his Uncle Robert, who passed away yesterday. They have been married  60 years, so this will be a difficult transition for her. They are Catholic.
Second, Deniese's cousin Diane has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is a beautiful Christian woman, and I'd like prayer for her peace, strength, and the best outcome. She has a biopsy on Monday. Thank you! Bob and Deniese

>Brother Stan- Please pray for Ken & Zenny Lewis who used to fellowship with the Calvary Chapel folks. Ken had a serious motercycle accident and has broken his hip. He is in much pain and the only medication he can take for pain has some serious side effects. They have also been hit with several financial setbacks at the same time on top of Dr. and hospital bills. There are some oppotunities to help them in non-financial ways in their distress. If you are led to help, contact Brother Stan.

>Brother Jim-Alex, the adopted son (age 21) of Sis. Bobbie's sister, is dealing with bitterness toward his birth-mother who recently died unexpectedly.

>Brother Jim- Bill M.'s granddaughter, Annette, is suffering from multiple Lupus-related complications.

>Brother Jim- Bro. Bill M. is in the hospital recovering from an emergency pacemaker implant on Sunday.  He is doing well but is very exhausted, so they are trying to let him sleep undistrubed as much as possible.

>Brother Stan- Please pray for Brother Bill Clark as he recovers from shoulder replacement surgery. He is still in a fair amount of pain.

>Brother  Stan-Please pray for Brother Bob Sajdak as he struggles with a bronchial infection and possibly pneumonia.

>Sister Brandi-Serina Lewis has been dealing with some lost loved ones and is trying to find herself in this crazy place and where she stands. Thank you.

>Brother Bob-Sandra sent this to me, Deniese had brought it up in church. Sandra is requesting it be put on the prayer request list. If you could do this I am sure she would feel our support in her time of worry and need. Your brother Bob. 

Hi Bob, I was trying to figure out how to do the prayer request, and finally came to the conclusion it was just easier to message you. Could you please ask everyone to pray for my nephew, his half brother passed away in his sleep Thursday night at the age of 39. My nephew is not a believer, my son Brandon and he are like brothers, he is so worried about him as he seems to be on a road of self destruction. Brandon has asked me for prayer for his cousin. I also ask for prayer for Brandon and the rest of the family at this time. Thank you Bob, see you when I get back. God Bless.

>Brother Bob-I worked with Phil for many years at John Day Dam and many in Moiser know him or the Berthold family. Please keep all in prayer, Oh, Lord that you would be glorified. Please add this to your prayer lists. 

Please pray for healing for our family friend, Phi Berthold. Yesterday, he broke his back in a motorcycle accident.  He is in Legacy Emanuel ICU. He is a Spirit-filled Christian.  Lord, reach down and touch Phil's back and restore it to wholeness in Jesus' Name.... be glorified once more through his healing.  Thank YOU, LORD!
Thanks for praying.

>Brother Jim-Vern and Lois request prayer for their daughter-in-law's father, Jack.  He suffered a heart attack this weekend.

>Brother Jim-Karen B.'s granddaughter (difficult pregnancy)

>Brother Jim-Bobbie and her husband (pneumonia is now complicating his recently diagnosed lung disease)

>Brother Jim-Karen N.'s sister (learned today that cancer cells have spread throughout her body and brain)

>Sister Deniese-Please keep my son-in-law Jason and his wife Esther in Prayer. They are searching for the truth, and my prayer is that the Lord will direct and guide them to all the right places. May the Lord teach me and guide me to say the things he desires them to hear when he stirs their hearts to ask questions. May the Lord deliver my two children Tom and Sara and cause them to fear the Lord, and desire him above all else. May the Lord create a brave heart in me that will always testify of him, going forth teaching others about all that he has taught me.

>Sister Bobbie-I would like to ask for prayer for Larry for his salvation and strength with the medical issues he is facing.

>Sister Chris- Please pray for my son Matt who will soon be deploying back to Afghanistan.

>Sister Brandi- Please pray for Christopher’s salvation as well as his health issues.

>Brother Jim- Sister Karen N.'s sister (a cancer survivor) has been learned that cancer has reappeared - now in her spine and one leg.

>Brother Jim- Sister Karen B.'s son is recovering in hospital from sudden complications from prescription med interactions.

>Brother Jim- Sister Lynn continues to rest at home and undergo tests for her mysterious lung ailment - but doing well.

>Brother Jim- Christine (13 years old, in the Philipines) is recovering from major thoracic surgery.

>Brother Stan- Please pray for Andre and Jasmine as  they continue to search for the home that God has for them.

>Sister Deniese-
I just heard from my sister. Here is her update on their pastor and friend, members of a missionary group in Haiti yesterday when the earthquake hit:

We just received word that our Pastor Arron Swenson and friend  Jason Sheets are OK in Haiti. They were headed out of Port au Prince when the earthquake hit, and turned around to go back into the city to assist. Also Dr. Dan Snyder and his wife Dee Ann are OK and helping with injured people. There are a few members of  the Clear Blue team unaccounted for, however so keep them in your prayers..
                                                                Another update:

I received word from my sister that they have probably lost three members of their missionary team in Haiti due to the earthquake.  Please pray for their families.  The mission center there has been destroyed, and the survivors are "exhausted and devastated." Please remain in prayer for all involved.  They thank you for your prayers.

>Brother Bob- Bob and Deniese:  This is from my sister Mary. "I ask for your prayers for Jaime's safe journey, as she is leaving Jan. 3rd to study abroad in France until May.  The news about recent terror attacks on airlines hasn't helped to calm a Mother's fears". Please pray for a safe journey for her daughter Jamie who is in college, pray for my sister Mary that she might accept the will and direction of God in all things, and that God might give her strength.

>Sister Karen- Asks that we pray for a young girl named Christine in The Philippines. She is going through some very serious medical issues. Also, please pray for the missionary couple that is ministering to her.

>Sister Jenny- Please pray for our sister in the Lord. Her name is Kathy.  She just found out that her 30 yr old son, David, has acute leukemia. She is a close friend to Stan's sister Cindy. I pray that God would strengthen them and hold them up.

>Brother Tony requests prayer for my grandma, who is 100 yrs old and recovering from a mini stroke. She's recovering at home in the Dominican Republic. My mom thanks you also.

>Bother Stan-Requests prayer for a healing from God or a successful diagnosis and treatment plan for what the neurologist says is either Parkinson's Disease or "Essential Tremor". Also please pray that should God ordain the latter,  His strength would be made perfect in my weakness

>Brother Jim- Seeks that we all will yield completely to our Lord’s direction as we nurture this new part of the Body of Christ.  Important decisions, opportunities for service, and new ministries await us in the new year.

>Brother Stan- Asks prayer for Bob & Nancy Ruiz & family that the Lord would continue to bless and establish them in their new home and especially that Bob would find the work that God has for him to provide for the family.




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